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Tatting 104

You've been tatting for a while, have great skills, and want to push yourself to the next level. This is your class. Join Ruth for one-on-one skill building and inspiration. Talk to Ruth before signing up.

Color for Quilters

We hear it all the time: ?I?m not good with color.? Well, that?s easy to fix! In one night, we?ll have you looking at color in new ways, and understanding why and how to put colors together. For more information, please download the newsletter. To sign up, click here, or call 814-238-4151, or stop by between 10-5:30, Monday through Saturday. Tuesdays, July 30 & Aug. 20, 6-9 p.m.

Color Me Beautiful

Do you ever go to your closet, look at all those clothes, but feel as if you have nothing to wear? It ends now! Cynthia will send her color analysis to a computer, which will give you a palette of your 40 best colors. Toss that palette in your purse to go shopping, and you will actually save money because you'll buy only the right clothes. Your yarn and fabric will also be in flattering colors! Click to sign up here, or call (814) 238-4151, or stop by between 10-5:30, Monday through Saturday. Class meets on Tuesday, July 9, at 6:00 p.m. and goes until we're finished with everyone.

Aug 24
Mosaic Crochet: Havana Afghan
Aug 24
Portuguese Knitting
Aug 26
Fancy Forest