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You've taken Brioche 101--or you're comfortable with knitting, and want to plunge right into two colors. Join this class and learn how it's done! Supplies: Brioche 102 pattern, supplies as listed on the pattern. Date: Sunday, December 10, 1-4 p.m. Cost: $35 plus supplies.

Cost: $ 35.00
This class will give you the opportunity to learn how to make Christmas stockings?--nd if you knit fast enough, you'll have time to make one for everyone in your family (well, provided that your family is very, very small, or that you're aiming for 2024!). Note: Please make the top ribbing before the first class, so that we can plunge into the "name area" on the stocking. Supplies: Choose any Christmas stocking pattern you'd like, and pick up the yarn and needles you need for it. Date: Wednesdays, December 6, 13, and 20, 3-5 p.m. Cost: $50 plus supplies.

Cost: $ 50.00
Join Cynthia Mazzant in a once-a-month inspired knitting circle. Bring your own projects, start a new project (we?ll have plenty to choose from), learn some new techniques, and explore ways to use your inspiration in your knitting. This class will give you ideas for making a pattern your own, adding flair, and building confidence. Cynthia will give you new things to try each time, or she'll be happy to help you with what you're currently working on. Best of all, find some fun with knitting camaraderie! Come for one class, or take them all. Cynthia will have at least one new technique to try, and one inspired activity. This class is for all experience levels.

Cost: $ 25.00
This class is already in process. Look for a new session to start in the January newsletter! As you may know, Cynthia designs lots of knitting patterns. This class provides you with an adventure into learning new things while you find any part of the pattern that isn't "really clear." We've had such fun in these classes for the past few years, working through her new ideas. This is a chance to play with surprise patterns, and to make requests for patterns you've always wanted. What we do each year is a bit of a mystery (even to her!). You might want to go to to see patterns she's designed in the past. Join us in the fun! Supplies: We're going to start the year with helix knitting a hat. You'll need 5 colors of worsted-weight yarn (50 yards of each), and a size 5 and 7 16" circular needle. Supply lists for other projects will be given as the year goes on. Dates and Times: Thursdays, Jan. 19, Feb. 16, Mar. 23, May 25, June 29, July 27, Aug. 24, Sept. 28, Oct. 26, Dec. 7. Your choice of 9-11 a.m. or 6-8 p.m. This is a Zoom class, since we've been gathering some wonderful out-of-state customers!.

Cost: $ 50.00
This popular class will give you the chance to play with all kinds of different sock patterns! Each month, we'll make a different sock! You should know how to make socks before taking this class. If you don't, sign up for Socks 101. The first pattern this year will be the Classic Bobble Sock Set by Summer Lee. Supplies: We can get the pattern and yarn for you. Date: Sundays, October 22, November 12, December 17, January 14, 1-4 p.m. Cost: $50 plus supplies.

Cost: $ 50.00
As the name of the class says, choose any sweater you wish! Learn to knit a sweater with no experience, start a new one with previous experience, or keep working on one from a previous class! It's your choice! Supplies: Talk with Cynthia about a pattern, and then pick out supplies as listed on the pattern. Date: Wednesdays, October 9 from 7-9pm, and October 25, November 29, January 3, February 7, 6-8 p.m. OR Fridays, October 6, November 3, December 1, January 5, February 2, 2-4 p.m. NOTE: Day class is FULL. The evening class will be a hybrid of in-person and on Zoom. Take your pick! The first night of the evening class has been moved. Cost: $60 plus supplies.

Cost: $ 60.00
Piecing circles always looks intimidating. But it's easy. Truly. Cynthia will patiently show you all the tricks in just one night. Let your imagination soar from there with a myriad of ways to put the quilt together. $32 plus supplies. Supplies: Circle Savvy ruler, scraps of coordinating fabric that are at least 12" square. Saturday, December 9, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Cost: $ 35.00
Welcome to our Quilting 101 class, where creativity and craftsmanship are partners. This beginner's course is designed to help you learn how to quilt, from choosing fabrics, to cutting squares, to sandwiching and quilting, to binding. Don't know what that all means? You're in the right place, and you'll learn! Master the art of piecing and stitching. You can borrow one of our machines, but if you have a machine, we recommend that you bring it so that you learn how to use it. Be sure you've had it serviced before class. Start the new year right! December 30 and January 6, from 3-5 p.m. Supplies: Quilting 101 placemat pattern, fabrics as required. Come in a few days before the class to pick up your supplies. Please ask us about brands before buying; we want you to be successful in this wonderful hobby!

Cost: $ 45.00
Sometimes we all get stuck in creative ruts. If you want a little push to open your horizons, this is the perfect class. We'll be using any medium you prefer--knitting or quilting or even painting, if you do that! Supplies: Supplies as desired for the prompts. Date: Thursdays, October 12, November 30, February 8, 6-8 p.m. Cost: $35 plus supplies.

Cost: $ 35.00
This is for a nonrefundable deposit for the Lake Raystown Retreat. More information is on the "retreat" tab of this website. We will contact you to get more information (whether you want a single or double, emergency contact, food sensitivities, etc.)

Cost: $ 100.00

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