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For a shopping appointment, please click on the "shopping appointment" below.

Here's what you can do when you make an appointment:

1. Browse to get inspired, and buy nothing. I don't care. I know you'll be back.
2. Pick out one skein of embroidery floss.
3. Ask for advice on a quilting or knitting project--without buying anything to go with said projects.
You'll be back when your project is finished. I'm not worried.
4. Pick out fabric or yarn for a project without my help.
5. Pick out fabric or yarn for a project with my help.
6. Show me something you've finished.
7. If you're new in town, come in to see what's in the shop! I'd love to meet you and show you around.
8. A visitor passing through? Click for a time, and come on in!

I'll be delighted to see you!

Making an appointment is easy. Call or text me, or do it here. (Be sure you get a confirmation email to show that the appointment has gone through! Call if you don't!) If you need an earlier or later time, that's easy, too! Just call the shop at 814-238-4151. (I've kept the afternoons open on this calendar so that you can call in for any yarn and fabric emergency slots!) If you don't see times, click on the little black arrow below.


Landscape Quilts

Landscape quilts are classics, and Cynthia will show you the ropes for making them! You can talk to her about your vision for the quilt, and she'll help you pull it off. Each of the quilts in this class will be different! Cost: $28 plus supplies. Supplies: Have an inspirational photo. If you don't have one of your own, talk to Cynthia. Try to find a photo that has mostly horizontal lines, like the one pictured here. Have scraps of material in landscape colors, along with basic sewing supplies and your machine. Batiks work particularly well. You'll need fabric glue, and then we'll sew the fabrics down with a machine. Make an appointment to pick up supplies! You?ll need the book Accidental Landscapes, which we have at the shop. Tuesday, May 11, 6-8 PM on Zoom.

Log Cabin Block

The log cabin is one of the oldest and most beautiful blocks. It used to be done with foundation piecing, but today, we have rulers that make quick work of it! Cost: $28 plus supplies. Supplies: Bring in scraps of light and dark fabrics. You'll also need to buy the Creative Grids log-cabin ruler (6- or 12-inch size), which you can get at the shop. You'll need basic sewing supplies and your machine. Wednesday, June 23, 6-8 PM OR Tuesday, Aug. 3, 6-8 p.m., both on Zoom.

New Knitter Adventure Year!

This class is for new knitters who know only how to knit and purl, and maybe just a WEE bit more. (Important: If you do not know how to do those two stitches, please take Knitting 101 instead of this class.) Are you tired of making only the knit-stitch scarf you're seeing here? Would you like to learn a little more now so that you can make all the coolest things? We have just the class for you! Join Cynthia for a "Knitting Adventure Year." We'll use her Really Clear patterns to learn how to do everything from cables to Fair Isle to intarsia. If you don't know what those are, that's okay! We'll get you going! Cost: $60 plus supplies. Supplies: You'll need to buy the pattern each month, and the supplies for the project. Cynthia will send out a supply note about a week before each class. To buy the patterns, sign up for a Ravelry account at or get them at the shop when you buy the yarn. Thursdays, Jan. 28, Feb. 25, Mar. 25, no class in April, May 13, June 24, July 22, Aug. 12, Sept. 2, Oct. 14, Nov. 18, and Dec. 9. All from 6-8 PM on Zoom.

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