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Quilting 101 Placemats

You've vowed to do this for years, but have decided that now is the time! You are going to learn how to quilt! Let us get you started with a project that will show you how to use a rotary cutter and to match corners. Click to sign up here or call (814) 238-4151. Mondays, Sept. 25 & Oct. 9, OR Mondays, Nov. 27 & Dec. 4, both from 6-9 p.m.

Creativity for All!

Sometimes your creativity gets stuck in a rut. Sometimes you think you could never be creative. Sometimes you want someone to play with. If any of this is true for you, then this is your class, no matter what the situation! Any type of fiber is welcome: knitting, quilting, crochet. We will have assignments each month to stimulate our creativity, and to bring each other inspiration and joy! Tuesdays, Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Nov. 28, Jan. 9, Feb. 6, from 6-9ish p.m.

Knitting 101

Want to learn how to knit? Or need a refresher after many years of neglecting your knitting? Take our beginning-knitting course. You'll learn how to cast on, knit, and purl, and you'll start a scarf. Click to sign up here, or call 814-238-4151 between 10 and 5:30, Monday through Saturday. Wednesdays, Sept. 27 & Oct. 11, OR Wednesdays, Nov. 1 & 15, Or Thursdays, Dec. 28 & Jan 4, all from 6-9 p.m.

Sep 28
Christmas Mystery Runner
Sep 28
Christmas Mystery Hat
Sep 28