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For a shopping appointment, please click on the "shopping appointment" below.

I know, I know, appointments are weird for stores. But you'll find that they're terrific! Here's what you can do when you make an appointment:

1. Browse to get inspired, and buy nothing. I don't care. I know you'll be back.
2. Pick out one skein of embroidery floss.
3. Ask for advice on a quilting or knitting project--without buying anything to go with said projects.
You'll be back when your project is finished. I'm not worried.
4. Pick out fabric or yarn for a project without my help.
5. Pick out fabric or yarn for a project with my help.
6. Show me something you've finished.
7. If you're new in town, come in to see what's in the shop! I'd love to meet you and show you around.
8. A visitor passing through? Click for a time, and come on in and check out the shop!

I'll be delighted to see you!

Making an appointment is easy. Call or text me, or do it here. (Be sure you get a confirmation email to show that the appointment has gone through! Call if you don't!) If you need an earlier or later time, that's easy, too! Just call the shop at 814-238-4151. (If you don't see times, click on the little black arrow below.


Retreat Deposit 2024

This is for a nonrefundable deposit for the Lake Raystown Retreat. More information is on the "retreat" tab of this website. We will contact you to get more information (whether you want a single or double, emergency contact, food sensitivities, etc.)

Quilting 101 Placemats

Welcome to our Quilting 101 class, where creativity and craftsmanship are partners. This beginner's course is designed to help you learn how to quilt, from choosing fabrics, to cutting squares, to sandwiching and quilting, to binding. Don't know what that all means? You're in the right place, and you'll learn! Master the art of piecing and stitching. You can borrow one of our machines, but if you have a machine, we recommend that you bring it so that you learn how to use it. Be sure you've had it serviced before class. Start the new year right! December 30 and January 6, from 3-5 p.m. Supplies: Quilting 101 placemat pattern, fabrics as required. Come in a few days before the class to pick up your supplies. Please ask us about brands before buying; we want you to be successful in this wonderful hobby!

Walking-Foot Quilting 101

Discover the versatility of the walking foot in this class that gives you a myriad of ideas for quilting. We'll work on straight lines, curves, echoing, and decorative stitches. You'll leave the class confident that when a pattern says "Quilt as desired," you'll be able to do just that! Supplies: The book Walk. (We have it at the shop.) Three fat-quarter quilt sandwiches made of fabric you don?t like. Or feel free to bring a few placemats that are low-risk projects you?d like to get quilted! Date: Tuesday, May 7, 6-8:30 p.m. Cost: $30.

May 8
Quilting 101 Placemats
May 14
Knitting Inspiration
May 15
Brioche Cowl

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