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Portuguese Knitting

What are these weird pieces of jewelry in our shop? Everyone wonders that! If you've been in a class with Valerie, you've probably noticed her knitting with the yarn going up through a pin she wears on her shoulder, and going back down to the knitting. And you've heard that she likes purling more than knitting. She's doing Portuguese knitting! Take this class, and learn all the ins and outs. If your hands hurt when you knit, this method might be an alternative. If you've taken Portuguese knitting before, you can take this one again and work on a project. $38 Supplies: Easy Looped Scarf pattern, appropriate needles and yarn, a knitting pin. Saturdays, Oct. 5 & 19, 9-noon.To register, click here, give us a call at 814-238-4151, or stop by between 10-5:30, Monday through Saturday.


Skywalker is a semi-circular shawl, worked from the top down. You'll have increase rows every once in a while, with a variety of lace patterns between them. Skywalker is an excellent project for new lace knitters: The stitches begin as easy and progress to more challenging, but Mary Ellen will make it all a breeze! $50 Supplies: Let us get you the pattern in-store. We love our Party of Five yarns for this project--changing to different colors as the shawl increases outward. Mondays, Sept. 9, Sept. 23, Oct. 7, Oct. 21, Nov. 4, Nov. 18, 9-noon. To sign up, click here or call 814-238-4151 between 10-5:30, Monday through Saturday.

Tatting 104

You've been tatting for a while, have great skills, and want to push yourself to the next level. This is your class. Join Ruth for one-on-one skill building and inspiration. Talk to Ruth before signing up at the shop.

Oct 22
Cabling 101
Oct 23
Fair Isle 101
Oct 24
Quilting 101 Placemats