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Socks of Your Choice

This class just as its name implies: Find any pair of socks you want to make--toe-up or top-down, plain or fancy. Eleanor will take you through them step by step (get it?).

Knitting Around the World

Norwegian purl, continental knitting, Portuguese knitting -- what are all these methods? Why would you use them? Lindsay will show you all the methods, and you'll leave with lots of new tools in your knitting tool bag!

Fair Isle 101

There is nothing like Fair Isle to give the knitter the creativity to combine vibrant colors with stunning patterns. Fair Isle is traditionally done using one yarn in each hand. This sounds intimidating, but it's easier than you think - and far more addicting than you have ever bargained for. In just one night, your headband will be finished or well on the way! Click to sign up here, or call 814-238-4151 between 10 and 5:30, Monday through Saturday.

Jun 28
Portraits in Fabric
Jun 29
Japanese Hand Applique
Jul 3
Personal Color Analysis